Certificates and awards

Hemp products

We offer an exceptional quality products derived from organic and conventional hemp seeds that are grown in our united family farm. From hulled hemp seeds & hemp seed oil to plant based hemp protein, cake & flour.

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Pumpkin products

Long term experience of our farmers and perfect climate ensure the highest quality of our pumpkins. Therefore there is no doubt we can offer premium class pumpkin seeds, oils, protein and flour.

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White label

Unleash your business potential with trusted partners. Our experience and know-how is our warranty that you will have a trustworthy team on your white label project.

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Private label

We invite you to collaborate with our team of experts in creation of your own brand. Our expertise in the industry makes us top private label partners for many brands worldwide.

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We proudly offer a wide range of hemp and pumpkin products for our customers. Our reliable team and innovative technology ensure that we produce a premium quality production as we not only process, but also grow the raw material from seed.

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Raw material processing

For customers who have their own raw material we offer a processing service. We are able to qualitatively process hemp seeds and pumpkin seeds to oil, protein, flour and cake.

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3 Reasons Why


4000+ ha of owned crop fields


Up to 400 tons of processed seeds in 2023


100+ satisfied customers and business partners

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